Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Something to ponder upon...

Just a thought...

A friend of mine recently messaged me in regards to my most recent post on the "Danger WOD".

He brought up an excellent point concerning Crossfit in the sense of reality training and testing outside of the ideal conditions of preparedness.

Whats that mean? Well it means being able to truly test your strengths, skills, talents and techniques under stress and a lack of awareness. A true measure of your abilities at a time when it is most unexpected.

A maximal repetition bench press...upon waking (I believe Rob Orlando attempted this).

Rowing an extra 500m when the workout clearly states a 250m sprint...and you must keep your 250m pace.

Performing Fran...with a 102 degree fever.

Some of these examples may seem a bit "abnormal". Are you ever going to do Fran with a fever? Absolutely not, but my point here is that these scenarios can easily be related to real-life situations. Expecting the unexpected.

Having to make a speech on a familiar topic...with only a couple minutes to prepare.

Having to juggle 4 things at once. Kids, exercise, dinner and a work presentation all while running on 4 hours of sleep with a mean case of seasonal allergies

Running out of gas a mile from the nearest gas station.

or even...

Catching a child that falls out of a second story window....while holding a bag of groceries.

You catch my drift. My point here is that it's what you bring to the table that day. How you feel mentally and physically at that specific time. Some days will be better than others, some worse, but on those days you may face your toughest challenge. On those days, it's about how you can perform. How you handle the pressure under conditions in which you are truly tested at a time where you are at your weakest. When you are most vulnerable. It is those times where perseverance prevails and we must dig deep to complete the task at hand. Whatever that task be, in the box or out, we must find a way to be at our best mentally...physically...completely.

Next time you're face-to-face with a situation like this, push past the hurt, the pain, the sickness and the sympathy; the lack of energy and that little piece of shit voice in your head and get the job done. See what we CAN BE capable of, you may end up surprising yourself...

Thoughts? Comments? Naysayers? Haters? Please post to comments, I accept all types.


  1. I totally agree. We can always push a little harder, I know I am guilty of pacing myself throughout WODS, rather than giving it a 110% every second.

  2. Okay how weird.. I was just thinking about extending the holiday challenge a little longer .. just to push the envelope... thanks for the extra thoughts. Breathe deep and then GO!