Sunday, December 12, 2010

Put up or shut up...or die.

Stuck on that one PR that just doesn't seem to be going anywhere? Well, the Danger WOD may be the answer to your personal record woes.

Ever really think about putting your "fight or flight" instincts to the test? What if it were a life or death situation?

If a failed repetition was no longer solely the end result of a weight "too heavy" and the repercussions for this uncompleted lift ended with something of much more seriousness....ehh lets you think you would have the capabilities to dig deep and complete the task at hand? Would you sacrifice a little brown in the trousers for a possible 10+lb PR? Sound fun yet?

The creators of are insanely sadistic, somewhat masochistic and incredibly genius individuals. If crossfit is a fitness that best prepares us for the outside world and all of the "unknowns and unknowables" that come along with life, then the danger WOD is a perfect assessment to question the validity of it's program.

Are you up to the challenge? I mean it's only life or death...

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