Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Truth Hurts...

Saw this on one of my buddies blogs the other day, so true in both cases. Gives us more reason not just to eat right and fuel ourselves properly, but to also set a good example for the little ones that are watching our every move.
"There Is A Lot Of Talk About How Many Overweight Children There Are In The United States. Statistics Show 1 Out Of Every 3 Children Is Overweight Or Obese. And The Number Doesn't Seem To Be Going Down. Books Are Written About It. Magazine Articles Have Been Written About It. Even The First Lady Of The United States Has Gotten Involved. While There Has Been Much Said And Written, Finding Solutions Is The Key To Helping Kids Change. Studies Show That Children Follow The Example They See In The Home. If Mom Eats Healthy, They Will Eat Healthy. If Dad Stays Active, They Will Be Active. The Reverse Is Also True.Parents Who Do One Thing And Say Another Are Not Very Effective Examples. Kids Tend To Be Very Good Observers. They Are Also Very Good At Noticing Inconsistencies. So, For Healthy Kids


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